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After-Sales Policy

Insta360 offers comprehensive after-sales policy service, ensuring your device remains in top condition. If you encounter any issues, simply request a product repair through our dedicated service channels. With Insta360 commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust in timely and efficient solutions. Experience peace of mind knowing that after-sales support is just a click away.

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Request Your Repair

Kindly complete the repair service form available on the official Insta360 Pakistan website. Provide necessary details about your product and personal information. Upon submission, the system will automatically generate a repair order for your convenience.

Inspection and Repair

Once we receive your product, the Insta360 Customer Service Centre will carefully check it. If we find that the issue is not covered by the warranty, we will let you know the cost of the repair and ask you to confirm and pay. Once you have made the payment, we will proceed with the necessary repairs or replacement. If the problem is covered by the warranty, we will fix or replace your unit for free.

Receive Your Product

Once the repair is finished, the Insta360 Customer Service Center will dispatch your mended product to you.

Repair Cost

➢ If your product is under warranty, the repair costs will be determined based on the inspection result.
Depending on the inspection outcome, if the product or its parts are found to have a quality issue, Insta360 will offer free repair or replacement services. However, if the damage is determined to be caused by human factors, you will need to cover the repair or replacement costs.
➢ If your product is out of warranty, you will need to pay for the repair service.
Insta360 Customer Service Centre will provide you with a detailed quote for any repair orders that require payment.


➢ Before you ask for a repair, it is recommended to contact Insta360 customer service for a quicker process. Also, try updating to the latest firmware to check if it fixes the issue.
➢ Before requesting a repair, make sure to back up all your personal files and take out the SD card from the product to keep your privacy safe. Insta360 won’t be responsible for any possible damage or loss of your personal files.
➢ Insta360 will handle repair or replacement based on the specific issue. If Insta360 replaces your product, the old or damaged parts will belong to Insta360.
➢ Please provide a valid purchase certificate and bill.

  • Insta360 products are covered by a one-year warranty (as mandated by local laws or regulations) starting from the sales invoice date.
  • In case of performance issues arising from regular usage within the warranty period, Insta360 will offer maintenance services free of charge.
  • This warranty is applicable exclusively to Insta360 products acquired directly from Hope Enterprises or its authorized dealers.
  • According to this Limited Warranty, Insta360 assures that each product you buy is devoid of defects in materials and workmanship under typical use throughout the warranty period.
  • The warranty period for Insta360 products initiates on the day you take possession of the product.

To be eligible for complimentary warranty service, the following criteria must be satisfied:

  • The product has been utilized in accordance with normal usage standards within the warranty period and exhibits no indications of external harm.
  • The product has not undergone unauthorized disassembly, alterations, or additions beyond the official manual instructions, and has not experienced any other failures caused by human actions.
  • You can provide valid evidence of purchase, including receipts and order numbers.

This Warranty does not Apply to the Following

* This warranty does not cover any hardware products or software not branded by Insta360, even if bundled or sold alongside Insta360 hardware.
* Software provided by Insta360 (not limited to system software) is excluded from this warranty, regardless of whether it carries the Insta360 brand logo, unless such software disrupts the proper functioning of the Insta360 product.
Insta360 does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free operation of its products. Insta360 is not liable for damages resulting from failure to comply with instructions related to the use of Insta360 products.
In the following scenarios, Insta360 will not offer free repair services, and you are obligated to pay the relevant fees to access official Insta360 authorized repair and maintenance services:
* The product is beyond the warranty period.
* Damage incurred due to unauthorized modification, disassembly, or product teardown not guided by the official manual for repair attempts.
* Damage caused by the customer’s own installation of accessories without adhering to official instructions.
* Failures arising from consumable components, such as batteries or protective film, which naturally degrade over time.
* Failure resulting from cosmetic damage, including, but not limited to, scratches, dents, and damage to port plastics.
* Damage caused using third-party components or products.
* Product failure or damage due to accidental factors or human actions (including, but not limited to, water immersion, shock damage, falling, burned-out printed circuit boards, and functional devices, etc.).

Product failure or damage caused by a major incident or natural disaster (e.g., fire, earthquake, lightning, etc.).
* Damage resulting from incorrect installation, use, or operation of the product not following the official product manual.
* Damage incurred during upgrade/repair services by individuals other than Insta360 representatives.
* Defects arising from normal wear or aging of Insta360 products.
* Damage caused by circuit modification not guided by the official manual or improper use of battery packs and chargers.
* Damage caused to products and files due to insufficient battery power or the use of faulty quality batteries.
* Removal or smearing of any Insta360 product’s serial number.
* Inability to disable password protection or other security measures to prevent unauthorized use of Insta360 products, unless you can prove authorized product usage (by presenting proof of purchase).
* Non-submission of the corresponding item within seven natural days after requesting warranty service.

Important Information
✧ Before returning any product, please reach out to Insta360’s technical support team or submit a repair service request. Insta360 may decline or return products lacking an assigned RMA Code.
✧ For inquiries about the after-sales service policy, please get in touch with Insta360 Customer Service.
✧ Ensure data backup before initiating product repair, as it may result in data loss.
✧ If an incorrect delivery address is provided or if the recipient refuses to accept the parcel, you or the recipient will bear any resulting losses.
✧ If Insta360 cannot reach you through your registered contact information for an extended period, leading to the courier returning the undeliverable or rejected parcel to Insta360, or if your repair request remains unpaid for an extended period, Insta360 will retain the product for 60 calendar days from the last contact date or the return date from the courier.
✧ Upon receiving the goods, inspect the product for any damage due to transportation or logistical reasons. If damage is observed, contact Insta360 Customer Service within 24 hours. After this period, Insta360 will assume the product is undamaged and functioning normally, and no after-sales acceptance will be provided.


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