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The AI Power 4K webcam

Insta360 Link

Insta360 Link UHD 4K AI Webcam utilizes advanced AI technology to deliver crisp UHD 4K video at a smooth 30 fps. This webcam ensures users receive high-definition clarity, making it ideal for professional video calls, streaming, and content creation with unmatched detail and ease.

Insta360 Link

Insta360 Link Features

Insta360 Link showcases advanced features designed for modern users. From its smooth integration with devices to its intuitive user interface, this video camera elevates video communication. Whether for business meetings, streaming, or content creation, the Insta360 Link stands out with its advanced capabilities, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction.

4K Resolution

AI Tracking

Versatile Modes

Gesture Control

4K Webcam

Crystal Clear 4k

No matter the setting, be it a professional office environment or the comfort of your home, the Insta360 Link ensures you present yourself in the best light. Designed to capture every detail, Insta360 webcam delivers stunning Ultra HD 4K resolution. Whether you're on a crucial business call or engaging in a live stream, the clarity and precision of the footage remain unparalleled, ensuring you always appear at your absolute best.

Perfect in Any Light

In low-light conditions or dark environments, the Insta360 Link truly shines. With its top-tier 1/2" sensor, this webcam excels at capturing intricate details with remarkable accuracy. Beyond just clarity, this action camera boasts an outstanding dynamic range, ensuring that both shadows and highlights are perfectly rendered. This means even in challenging lighting scenarios, the Link consistently delivers lifelike visuals, making every interaction or recording appear vivid and authentic.


The AI Power 4K webcam

Stay in Spotlight with Insta360 Link

The Insta360 Link stands out with its innovative 3-axis gimbal design, coupled with an advanced AI tracking algorithm. This dynamic combination ensures the lens moves easily, tracking your movements smoothly. Whether you shift position or gesture, the camera adjusts in real-time. Moreover, Insta360 Link camera smart features enable automatic zooming and framing, guaranteeing you're always in the spotlight, perfectly centered and framed, enhancing your video calls or content with professional-grade precision.

Engage Your Audience

Utilizing advanced AI technology, the Insta360 Link enhances communication experiences. It's different versatile modes ensure clarity and adaptability, enabling users to engage, present, and share like never before.

Desk view Mode

Mount the Insta360 Link onto your computer screen and activate it with a simple toggle.

Whiteboard Mode

Enhance your online classes and elevate work presentations with advanced tools and interactive features of Insta360 Link.

Overhead Mode

Achieve the ideal bird's-eye perspective. Position Insta360 Link on a stand for stable and elevated shots with enhanced clarity.

Portrait Mode

Elevate your live streams and social content. Distinct from typical webcams, Insta360 Link captures uncropped 9:16 visuals by adjusting its gimbal, optimizing quality for mobile viewers.

Control in the Moment

Control calls effortlessly with Insta360 Link using hand gestures. No need for clicks or buttons, ensuring a smooth communication experience.


Built-in Privacy Protection

Within a mere 10 seconds of detecting no activity, the Insta360 Link's innovative 3-axis gimbal lens instinctively tilts downward. This proactive feature of Insta360 Link camera ensures user privacy by preventing unintended captures or exposures when the camera senses no ongoing interaction or movement.

Intelligent Noise Cancellation

With the Insta360 Link 4K webcam, amplify your voice effortlessly. Dual noise-canceling microphones minimize distractions, ensuring clear communication. Automatic gain control further enhances your voice clarity for exceptional recordings.


Easy Mounting

The Insta360 Link features a built-in 1/4" mounting point, ensuring compatibility with universal accessories. With Insta360 webcam, enjoy versatile connections and enhanced functionality for diverse setups.

Link with Total Ease

With Insta360 Link, effortlessly connect with friends, colleagues, students, or followers. Experience unparalleled clarity as you bridge connections. Whether for collaboration or communication, achieve seamless interactions in outstanding definition, making every link meaningful and vivid.

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