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Built to adapt

Insta360 ONE RS TWIN Edition

Experience total flexibility and zero compromises with the only action camera capable of shooting mind-blowing 360-degree and wide-angle action shots effortlessly, thanks to its innovative interchangeable lens feature. Dive into a world where versatility meets simplicity, capturing every angle of your adventures with unparalleled ease and precision.

Insta360 ONE RS

Top Features

Reasons to choose Insta 360 ONE RS

Interchangeable Lenses

Select the ideal lens for any scenario with unmatched versatility at your fingertips.

Razor Sharp Action

shoot like a standard action camera with detailed 4K 60fps video and 48MP high-resolution photos.

Rugged and Waterproof

Get rough and dunk it down to 16ft without a worry. Use Rugged & Waterproof

4K Boost Lens

Focus on the action with the One Rs 4K Edition Boost Lens, known for its rugged and durable design. Equipped with a new 1/2" 48MP sensor, it ensures detailed 4K 60fps videos and 48MP photos.

5.7K 360 Lens

Shoot first, point later. Capture action from all angles, then choose the focus with 360 reframing. Enhance shots with the Invisible Selfie Stick for impossible third-person perspectives.

Creative Capture with Insta 360 ONE RS

Pixel Perfection With ONE RS

With 4 times more megapixels, the Insta360 ONE RS elevates your photography, capturing extra details in those picture-perfect moments with enhanced colours and lighting. Explore your creativity with ultra-detailed 6K footage, featuring a classic 2.35:1 ratio for widescreen viewing. Experience faster Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling swift file transfer and editing within the Insta360 app, all thanks to the cutting-edge hardware in the Core.

Dive into the Insta360 ONE RS Specs, discovering a device designed to redefine your content creation experience. Embrace the future of immersive storytelling with this innovative camera at your fingertips.

Capture with Insta 360 ONE RS


Cinematic 6K Magic

Capture stunning 6K footage with cinematic quality, ideal for Hollywood movie. Enjoy widescreen viewing with the classic 2.35:1 ratio, bringing the magic of the big screen to your videos.

Dynamic HDR Adventures

Introducing an innovative HDR video mode designed for action sports on the Insta360 ONE RS. The 4K Boost Lens, equipped with Active HDR, ensures stabilized videos on the go. This groundbreaking feature preserves details in both highlights and shadows, resulting in vibrant and dynamic footage. With Active HDR, your action-packed moments are captured with precision, providing a captivating visual experience that redefines the standard for adventure videography. Elevate your storytelling with the Insta360 ONE RS and its advanced Active HDR technology.

Top Features

Top Features

Extended Power and Clear Audio

Insta360 ONE RS takes audio to the next level with an additional mic, ensuring you capture the sound you desire. Its Wind Noise Reduction algorithm removes unwanted noise, enhancing your audio experience.

Powering through action is smooth with the upgraded 1445mAh battery, boasting a 21% capacity increase. Elevate your adventures with the Insta360 ONE RS, your ultimate action camera delivering enhanced audio and extended battery life for uninterrupted filming.

Top Features

Third Person View

Begin on epic solo adventures with the Insta360 ONE RS, your ultimate 360 action camera. When there's no one around to assist, unveil the magic of the Invisible Selfie Stick, capturing insane third-person perspectives that define expectations.

Sure to leave viewers in awe, this innovative camera ensures your shots are as captivating as the experiences you're living. Get ready with the Insta360 ONE RS and its game-changing capabilities.

Top Features

Invisible Selfie Stick

Elevate your action camera game with the 360 Lens and the Invisible Selfie Stick say goodbye to ugly distractions in your shots. This dynamic duo ensures the stick vanishes, providing drone-like footage that maintains the purity of your view.

Thanks to the magic of FlowState stabilization, enjoy seamless, cinematic captures that defy the limitations of traditional selfie sticks. Dive into stunning viewpoints without compromising your shot's aesthetic.

Top Features

FlowState Stabilization

Experience buttery smooth image stabilization with the Insta360 ONE RS, a 360-action camera that ensures a steady shot, no matter which lens you use. The robust RS Core introduces in-camera FlowState stabilization, providing perfect stability when paired with wide-angle lenses.

Enjoy hassle-free post-editing and relish smooth, professionally stabilized footage straight from your camera, making every shot effortlessly cinematic and eliminating the need for additional editing work.

360 Action Camera

Built to Adapt

Dive into the world of creativity with Insta360 One RS, featuring the innovative Horizon Lock and Slow-Mo features. Horizon Lock ensures steady horizons during dynamic shots, providing professional-grade footage. Elevate your storytelling by capturing life's exquisite detail with the mesmerizing Slow-Mo feature. Unleash your imagination and redefine your content creation experience with the Insta360 One RS, where precision meets boundless creativity.

Horizon Lock

Achieve perfectly level shots with all three lenses supporting 360° horizon leveling, ensuring stability regardless of how much you tilt your camera.

Slow Mo

The 4K Boost Lens slows action up to 8x, while the 360 Lens offers 4x slow-mo. Ideal for panning and capturing killer moments with precision focus.

Built for action

Waterproof to 16ft

Immerse your action camera worry-free, diving confidently down to 16ft underwater. The Insta360 ONE RS is built for aquatic adventures, delivering reliable performance beneath the surface.

Rugged Design

Insta360 ONE RS excels with high-performance connectors and a unique structural design, ensuring a stable connection between mods even during high-action moments, delivering smooth and reliable performance.


Built for action

A Whole New Core. All-around improved performance.

Waterproof to 16ft

Experience faster WiFi capabilities with the Insta360 ONE RS, enhancing file transfer and editing speed in the Insta360 app through all-new hardware in the Core. Eliminate the need for WiFi, accelerating editing on your phone and preserving your camera's battery.

Simply plug the Quick Reader into the ONE RS, saving files directly to the SD card inside. Then smoothly connect it to your phone for swift editing. This innovative approach streamlines editing and conserves your camera's power, letting you stay focused on capturing and creating without unnecessary interruptions.


Faster WiFi Transfers


Zoom in digitally up to 2.7x on a subject while recording, no need to set up your shot in advance.

Access shooting presets easily with a tap. Change modes on the go to keep up with the action effortlessly. Capture the details smoothly.

Built for action

Quick Reader

No Need for Wifi

Speed up your editing on the go and save your camera's battery by avoiding WiFi transfers. Plug the Quick Reader into the ONE RS to save files directly to the SD card. Then, effortlessly connect it to your phone, initiating swift editing without draining your camera's battery. This smooth process streamlines your workflow, letting you focus on creating captivating content without unnecessary interruptions.


Easy Mounting

Heat Dissipating Design

Improve recording durability with the Insta360 ONE RS Mounting Bracket. Its heat-dissipating design ensures your action camera stays cool, allowing for extended recording sessions without compromising performance.

Rugged Design

The Insta360 ONE RS features a windproof foam cover, specially designed to effectively block strong winds and prevent unwanted noise, ensuring your videos maintain clarity and audio quality.

Editing Made Easy

The Insta 360 app.

Unlock powerful editing tools on the Insta360 ONE RS. Use AI for automated editing with tools and templates, or take control with a range of manual adjustments, putting creativity at your fingertips.

Snap Wizard

Effortlessly edit 360 videos with the Insta360 ONE RS. Reframe videos with a simple turn or finger swipe. Instantly save all your edits, and with just a tap, export and share your creations.


Insta360 ONE RS Moments

Capture life's most extraordinary moments with the Insta360 ONE RS camera. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors, diving into adventurous activities, or enjoying everyday moments, the ONE RS is your versatile companion. With its innovative features, from powerful lenses to seamless editing capabilities, this camera empowers you to create and share immersive, high-quality content that beautifully captures the essence of your experiences. Enhance your creativity and let the Insta360 ONE RS transform every moment into a lasting memory.

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