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How It All Started

In 2015, the inception of Insta360 took place with the aspiration to revolutionize the sharing of experiences. Our quest involved seeking a 360-degree camera that could enable us to share remarkable moments with individuals globally not confined to mere snapshots or incomplete views, but complete and immersive experiences. Confronted with a lack of appropriate tools to realize this vision, we decided to build it from scratch. Since then, our dedication to innovation and progress has stayed steadfast.

Hope Enterprises, as the exclusive distributor of Insta360, plays a pivotal role in introducing and delivering the innovative products of Insta360 to the local market in Pakistan.

Insta360’s 2023 product lineup showcases advanced technology, boasting innovative features that redefine the immersive camera experience. With advancements in image stabilization, resolution and revolutionary technology users can expect unparalleled quality and creativity in capturing life's moments. Stay tuned for a new era of visual storytelling.

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Insta360 Flow

Insta360 maintains its forefront in technological innovation, unveiling cutting-edge products in 2023 that redefine the user experience. The Insta360 Flow stands out as the epitome of AI tracking smartphone stabilizers, demonstrating unparalleled precision in auto-tracking functionality. Its 3-axis stabilization ensures seamless shots, simplifying the realization of creative visions. Prioritizing portability and versatility, the Flow stands as the sole smartphone stabilizer integrating a built-in selfie stick, tripod, power bank, and cold shoe.

This comprehensive set equips creators with all essential tools to effortlessly capture professional-level content on the move, reaffirming Insta360 dedication to enabling creators with advanced technology.

Insta360 Flow
Insta360 GO 3

Insta360 GO 3

The Insta360 GO is a compact and lightweight action camera designed for capturing spontaneous moments on the move. Its small size and lightweight design make it the perfect companion for capturing life's adventures effortlessly. Weighing much less than regular action cameras, the Insta360 GO still delivers top-notch performance. Despite its small stature, this innovative camera packs a punch with impressive features, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Whether you are on a thrilling outdoor adventure or simply cherishing everyday experiences, the Insta360 GO is ready to document your journey with convenience and precision, proving that big things truly come in small packages.

Insta360 X3

Insta360 has unveiled the Insta360 X3 Invisible Dive Kit, marking a groundbreaking shift in underwater videography. This innovative release aims to revolutionize how individuals capture their aquatic adventures. Enabling extraordinary creative exploration, the kit empowers diving and action sports enthusiasts to fully harness the creative features of the Insta360 X3 beneath the waves. Now, for the first time, users can delve into a realm of possibilities, from the captivating Invisible Selfie Stick effect to immersive 360 filming and dynamic reframing.

This comprehensive underwater solution ensures a smooth integration of the X3's capabilities, elevating the underwater filming experience. With the Invisible Dive Kit, Insta360 continues to push the boundaries of creative expression in aquatic storytelling.

Invisible Dive Case X3
Ace Pro & Ace

Insta360 Ace Pro

The Insta360 Ace Pro stands out as a powerful wide-angle action camera, a collaborative effort with Leica. Boasting an industry-leading 1/1.3” sensor, it achieves remarkable image quality. Featuring a 2.4” flip screen, a durable camera body, and user-friendly shooting features, the Ace Pro is designed for intuitive operation. With streamlined AI editing capabilities, it simplifies the process of capturing and editing action shots, making it a smarter and more accessible experience. This camera's robust design and advanced technology not only ensure exceptional visuals but also elevate the efficiency of action capture. The Insta360 Ace Pro is a testament to the seamless fusion of advanced technology and user-friendly design in the era of action cameras.

Insta360 NEW FORCE

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