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The AI tracking stabilizer

Insta360 Flow

The Insta360 Flow Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer stands as a pivotal tool for smartphone videography enthusiasts. With its sleek design and portability, the Flow is designed for on the go content creation. Boasting a built-in selfie stick and a mini tripod, this smartphone stabilizer offers users diverse shooting perspectives. Elevate your filming experience and ensure steady, high-quality footage with the versatile Insta360 Flow.

Insta360 Flow

1-Step Rapid Deploy

Capture on the go

The Insta360 Flow is crafted specifically for creators, vloggers, and travelers, allowing them to infuse cinematic touch into their mobile content effortlessly. With the Flow, your smartphone transforms into a powerful content creation tool. This AI-powered gimble stabilizer simplifies the process. Simply unfold it and you're ready to shoot—no need for manual adjustments or pressing power buttons.

The Insta360 Flow ensures seamless, stabilized footage, letting users focus solely on capturing their moments with precision and cinematic finesse. Insta360 Flow redefine your content creation journey.

Portable and Foldable

Take it Anywhere

Grabbing life's spontaneous moments is a breeze with the Insta360 Flow. Simply pair this smartphone stabilizer with your phone, and you're set no additional gear required. Designed with convenience in mind, the Flow boasts impressive features and folds up compactly, making it a travel-friendly companion.

Its sleek design ensures it fits comfortably into any bag making you always ready to capture life's highlights on the fly. With the Insta360 Flow advanced specs and portability, capturing those unforgettable memories feels natural.


3-Axis Stabilization

Professional Level Stabilization

Experience unparalleled stability with insta360 Flow 3-axis gimbal stabilization. From sunrise to sunset, this powered gimble effortlessly eliminates shaky footage, ensuring your phone captures crisp and steady visuals throughout the day. Elevate your content with smooth, professional-looking shots every time.

Deep Track 3.0

Next-Gen Subject Tracking

Deep Track 3.0 technology ensures subjects remain centered and sharp with exceptional tracking precision.

Slow Motion Tracking

Enhance your slow-motion captures. Insta360 Flow maintains tracking seamlessly at elevated frame rates.

*Compatibility differs based on phone model.

Zoom Tracking

Achieve cinematic magnification. Insta360 Flow skillfully follows subjects even when zoomed, optimizing settings for consistently stable footage.

More Accurate

Person Re-Identification

Choose an individual, and Deep Track 3.0 maintains focus on them throughout the shoot, even if momentarily blocked.

All-Angle Tracking

Insta360 Flow identifies subjects from every perspective, ensuring continuous tracking, even amidst shape alterations due to movement.

Subject Movement Recovery

Even if your subject moves out of the frame, Insta360 Flow's advanced technology ensures continuous tracking. It dynamically adjusts, either by zooming out to maintain visibility or by predicting and following the subject's movement direction. This ensures that every moment, even the unexpected ones, is captured with precision and clarity, enhancing your filming experience.

Shooting Modes

Full Controls for Perfect Shoots

Insta360 Flow offers a range of intuitive modes designed for diverse shooting needs:


This mode, designed for beginners, independently fine-tunes gimbal settings, ensuring every shot is free from shakes.


With the Follow mode, Insta360 Flow mirrors your movements, granting enhanced gimbal precision and responsiveness.

Pan Follow

Ideal for capturing horizontal sweeps or circling subjects, Pan Follow with Insta360 Flow unlocks creative angles and perspectives.


Use Insta360 Flow FPV mode to capture dynamic, drone-like movements, supported by a gimbal stabilization.


Always Ready

No matter the location or situation, the Insta360 Flow is always ready. Simply place this powered gimbal on its integrated tripod and capture the moment. Uniquely designed, Flow stands out as the sole smartphone gimbal packed with all essential features. Its all-in-one design ensures hassle-free shooting, making every capture smooth, steady, and picture-perfect.


Built-in Selfie Stick

Capture the Right Angle

Use Insta360 Flow to optimize your shots with precision. Utilize the selfie stick for enhanced flexibility and diverse perspectives. Whether capturing your entire group or seeking dynamic angles, the ability to adjust between high and low shooting perspectives elevates your content. With this versatility, every scene becomes more engaging, offering viewers a fresh and immersive visual experience.

Gesture Control

Your Robot Filmmaker

With Insta360 Flow, simplicity meets innovation. Just lift your hand, and this smartphone gimbal stabilizer springs into action, initiating recording and tracking your movement effortlessly. Once your task is complete, a simple hand gesture stops the recording process. No buttons, no fuss its intuitive design ensures a seamless, hands-free experience, prioritizing your convenience in every shot.

Built In Cold Shoe

The most megapixels ever

Attaching a microphone to your smartphone gimbal is a breeze with Insta360 Flow integrated cold shoe mount. This feature ensures effortless setup, allowing users to enhance their audio quality smoothly while filming on the go.



Effortless Panoramas

Experience unparalleled panoramic photography with Insta360 Flow, the only smartphone gimbal offering 360° photo capabilities. With its intuitive setup, just deploy the tripod and initiate Flow to capture expansive landscapes in various formats be it the full 360°, the dynamic 240°, the half-sphere 180°, or the unique 3x3 grid. Each mode ensures a captivating perspective, transforming ordinary scenes into immersive, wide-angle masterpieces, all effortlessly curated with the touch of a button.

Creative Effects

Create Like a Pro

Explore cinematic magic with Insta360 Flow comprehensive toolkit. Utilize the Widescreen mode for that classic cinematic touch, Panorama to capture vast landscapes, and TimeShift for captivating slow-motion sequences. Infuse dynamic elegance using Motion Time-lapse, embrace the unique Barrel Roll, and master the depth-enhancing Dolly Zoom. With Insta360 Flow, creators have all they need to sculpt visually striking stories with unmatched precision and creativity right from their device.


Smart Wheel

Key Controls all in One Place

The SmartWheel of Insta360 Flow stands out with its sleek, minimalist design, ensuring intuitive handling. This innovative interface provides users quick and effortless navigation, allowing immediate access to this smartphone gimbal's vital functions. Whether adjusting shooting settings, video replays, or diving into advanced features, the SmartWheel refines the user experience. With Insta360 Flow SmartWheel, creators enjoy a smooth blend of functionality and aesthetics, enhancing their filming journey with unparalleled ease.

16-Hours Powerhouse

Insta360 Flow the smartphone gimbal stabilizer boasts a robust 2900mAh battery, providing an amazing 16 hours of operational time. Additionally, it is compatible with power banks, extending shooting durations for those extended filming sessions without interruption.


INSTA360 Flow Moments

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