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Ace Pro & Ace Cold Shoe

  • Universal cold shoe for Ace Pro & Ace, used to mount a microphone, light, or other accessory on the camera.
  • Note: This product must be used with the Quick Release Mount, which is sold separately.
  • Stable and secure, easy to dismount.
  • Made of aluminum alloy and weighs only 12.9g (0.46oz).
  • Includes: 1× Ace Pro & Ace Cold Shoe.
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Insta360 Product Specification

Specs Material:
Aluminum alloy
Weight 12.9g (0.46oz)
Dimensions 38.5×17.3×43.8mm (1.51×0.68×1.72in)
How to Use Installation
1. Align and attach the base of the Cold Shoe to the Quick Release Mount. Ensure the Quick Release Mount is locked and secure to the camera.
2. Press and hold the release button at the bottom of the Cold Shoe and fully slide it into the Quick Release Base. Tip: Press and hold the release button, then gently slide the Cold Shoe off.
3. Once installed, you can mount external mics or lights onto the Cold Shoe
*Notes 1. The weight of the external accessories attached to the Cold Shoe should not exceed 100g (3.53oz).
2. Please note that this product features a snap-on structure, intense scenarios may result in the Cold Shoe falling off. Please use it with caution.
3. After installing the Cold Shoe, the Quick Release Mount can only connect with other accessories using its 2-prong mount.
4. When connecting the external microphone, it is recommended to pass the audio cable under the camera to maintain full use of the flip screen.
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