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Insta360 X4 Thermo Grip Cover

  • The Thermo Grip Cover is a standard in-the-box accessory for Insta360 X4. Pick up a spare or replacement.
  • Reduces the surface temperature of X4 and makes it more comfortable to hold when recording in 8K for a long time.
  • Recommended for recording videos in windless environments when the camera is still.
  • Not recommended for skiing, water sports, motorcycling, cycling, and other sports.


Insta360 Product Specification

Thermo Grip Cover

Shoot in 8K for longer.

Make the most of 8K.

Reduces the surface temperature of X4, making it more comfortable to hold, so you can shoot in 8K for longer.


*Insta360 X4 can record videos at a high resolution (8K30fps) which requires more power and may cause the camera to warm up. This is normal and expected.

High-class materials.

Built with graphene-based phase change materials (PCMs) to effectively lower the camera’s body temperature by up to 44.6ºF (7ºC).*

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