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New Ace Pro & Ace Battery

  • Designed for Ace Pro & Ace.
  • 1650mAh, high-capacity battery to capture all the action.
  • Includes: 1× Ace Pro & Ace Battery, 1× Battery Storage Case.


Insta360 Product Specification



1. Do not use batteries other than those provided by Insta360. Insta360 is not responsible for battery-related accidents or equipment failure caused by using batteries other than those officially provided by Insta360.

2. When the battery is hot after use, please wait until the battery has cooled down to room temperature before charging. Charging ambient temperatures above 104°F (40°C) may cause the battery to expand, leak, overheat, or be damaged.

3. Do not allow the battery to come into contact with any liquids, and never immerse the battery in water or get it wet. If the battery is accidentally plunged into water, dry it completely before use.

4. Do not use or store the battery in extremely hot environments. Excessively high or low temperatures may affect the battery life and shorten its duration. Ideal ambient storage temperature and humidity are: 14°F ~ 95°F (-10°C ~ 35°C) (storage duration: 3 months), <75%RH.

5. Do not store the battery for a long period of time after it has been completely discharged to avoid over-discharging the battery and causing damage to the battery cells that may prevent them from being returned to service. Recharge and discharge the battery every 3 months or so to keep the battery active.

*Fast Charge Hub

1. Do not touch the charging points of the Fast Charge Hub with your hands or other objects.

2. It’s suggested to use a 12V/3A power adapter. The Fast Charge Hub can charge three batteries simultaneously. It is compatible with other 12V, 9V or 5V USB adapters. Using an adapter above 12V/3A may not increase charge speed. When below 12V/3A, the hub will intelligently select which batteries to be charged first. Therefore, the whole charging time will vary.

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